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Trust the experienced professionals

Have you tried everything for your chronic condition but had little to no positive results? Are you ready to give up? Before you do, consider the gentle and effective treatment available through acupuncture.

Work with Hudson Acupuncture, where you'll benefit from more than 20 years of experience. From digestive disorders to infertility, we've seen and treated it all. Come in for your FREE consultation and let us show you how your condition could be improved.

Success for a number of conditions

Whether you have a single condition that you can't seem to find a solution to, or you have an array of conditions that seem to be working together to make your life miserable, we can provide you with a unique treatment plan.


There's no risk at all when you come visit us for your FREE consultation.

Total body healing

In addition to help with your chronic conditions like menopausal syndrome, sinusitis, and allergies, you can also get total body treatment that helps heal you from the inside out.


Learn more about our work on pain treatment and well-being treatments for depression and insomnia.